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Live-In Members

Nicole Cassels
Jason Guimond
Tim Keiling, Yorktown Heights, NY
Jeff Kraus
Ryan Pidgeon, Oneonta, NY
Brendon Scalchunes
David Shank

John Tull, Media, PA
Zach Valko, Phoenixville, PA
Pat Williams, Hyattsville, MD
Josh Wortman, Mattawan, MI
Melvin Wright, Upper Marlboro, MD
Nathan Zeck

Active Membership

Includes all members active in the last six months operationally/administratively via our LOSAP system or other reports — or listed as Corporate Members on our rolls. Please see above link for corrections/additions

Eddie Andrews
Michael Arrigoni
Kiara Baginski
Nick Bailey
Jindra Bartos
Jimmy Butler
Nicole Cassels
John Carey
Aaron Chafitz
Sean Chua
Laketa Coatas
David Cooksey
Steven Copley
Matthew Davy
Tim Doyle
Andrew Doyle
Kevin Esser
Chris Evans
Wes Evasick
Thomas Falcone
Salvatore Fischetti
Katherine Gagan
Matthew Graves
Danielle Greene
Jason Guimond
David Hang
Charles Harvey
Gabriel Hess

Mary Holland
Dillon Huss
Dave Iannone
Mitch Kannry
Andy Levy
Timothy Keiling
Kevin King
Justin Kirby
Ian Kolmaister
Jeff Kraus
Ivan Lawit
Matthew Leonard
Dan Leyden
Lee McCarthy
Joshua McGill
Josh Miller
Chris Mitchell
Donald Moltrup
Bill Moran
Joshua Murphy
Dan Nicols
Alexander Ogilvy
Garreth Overstreet
Matthew Parrish
Ryan Pidgeon
Pat Plummer
Robert Ridley

Kyle Riffe
Michael Rubenstein
Brendon Scalchunes
Abby Schreider
David Shank
Dakotah Smith
Dave Smith
Greg Smith
Raythia Smith
Eric Smolinsky
Henry Sullivan
Zac Tchopev
Carrie Teeter
Patricia Thomas
John Tull
Zach Valko
Anna Van Valkenburgh
Nate VanderRoest
David Weiner
Nick Welter
Rachel Welter
Matt Westerbeck
Lawler Whitman Jr.
Dave Wierzbolowicz
Pat Williams
Adam Willemssen
Josh Wortman
Travor Wortman
Melvin Wright
Nathan Zeck
Kip Zenowich
Nik Zupancic

Life Members

We are currently updating our Life Membership rolls. This section will be updated soon. If you have been awarded Life Membership or would like to request it (even retroactively for alumni), please contact us so we can get this list as updated as possible.

Luke Alar
William Barnard
Christopher Bausch *
John Cates
Marshall Davies
Robert J. Edwards
Thomas Falcone
Francis X. Geary *
David Hang
Charles Harvey
Herb Hasenpusch
Chris Hebert
Keith Heckler
Jonathan Hruska

Dave Iannone
Mitch Kannry
Kevin King
Andy Levy
David Lizanne
Tim Lorenzano
Carole Moltrup
David Moltrup
Donald B. Moltrup
Mike Monroe
Bill Moran
Dave Pfeil

Charles Patrick
Dale Plummer
Dave Pullen
Stanley Poole
Jonathan Ransom
Keith Rinehimer
John Scruggs
John Shaw
Greg Smith
Alan P. Sondej *
Chuck Story
Eric Taylor
Fred Van Geuder
Lawrence “Junior” Watson *
Mark Weaver

* Deceased